October 2013 Pest
Technician’s Sales Tip
With Fall upon us we need to tailor our offerings to the needs of our customers. . . .

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Our programs are built Specifically for the Pest Industry by long time pest industry sales professionals. There are many sales trainers out there that train the same general sales techniques across many different industries. In CONTRAST, The Pest Sales Training Company’s sole purpose is to train and support sales efforts specifically for the pest industry, in your language. There truly is nothing we know like it in our industry.

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The Pest Sales Training Company
Phoenix, AZ 85044



Limited Time Special!

"The Sales Trainer Ride-A-Long Audio Program”

“Sales Training in The Trenches.”
Specifically Designed to Increase Pest Technician Sales in the Field.

Listen to the Demo! Purchase Now!

$89.00 for the 1st CD or Pre-Loaded MP3 Player
and $15 for each additional CD,
or $35 for each additional MP3 Player

We pay the shipping on all orders of the Sales Trainer Ride-A-Long Limited Special.
Limited Special orders are delivered by the US post office regular mail.

*Also available: MP3/FM Transmitters (for vehicles w/o cd players)



What do we do?
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We teach your route techs and termite inspectors how to sell your services while on their job in the field! We train them to be an effective outside sales force!

How do we do it?
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1) We can come to you and teach your route techs and termite inspectors in our 4-6 hour seminars, OR

2) You can buy our Ride-A -Long training, on a CD or pre-recorded on a portable MP3 player - your employees learn while they drive their route!

What's the result?
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We can turn your route techs and termite inspectors into a strong outside sales force! Our goal is to increase your income, as well as increase your route tech's and termite inspector's income!